The Team

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Board of Directors

Abraham Kee


Abraham has more than 25 years of secured payment in the PCI. He is an expert in the smart card industry and one of the leading specialists in payment systems security, IT security, contract management, systems development, project management as well as value added services like business development. He plays an important role in the market in addressing such security threats especially in building a more secure platform for the industry due to the increased potential security threats from business dependencies on technologies especially in payment and telecommunications security controls. He led in implementing newer technologies that require improved processes for security compliance in various sectors e.g. government, education, transport and development sectors. He is linking the dots and connecting the various partners and alliances from the PCI landscape to the crypto-currency and block chain segments.

David Lew


David is an entrepreneur, a crypto-currency subject matter expert and is on the advisory team of a couple of cryptocurrencies like ChainCoin. He has more than 25 years of experiences in business development, management and growth. He plays a critical role and is a key player establishing the crypto-currency networks and key stakeholders to grow the secured environment for the growth of the crypto-currency eco-system. His vision is to drive the secured environment for safeguarding the legacies of the wealth for stakeholders’ future generations.

Simon Tay


Simon has been in the IT development and system management arena for more than 25 years now. He manages large scale IT projects and effectively implements technical solutions for the growing needs of corporations for better productivity, new breakthrough and disrupting the existing business model and growing the technologies enhancement in the block chain industry.


Web/Media & Community Development

Benjamin Bay

Marketing & Community

Benjamin holds a bachelor's degree in Business (Management) and has experience in sales, customer service, and photography. He enjoys engaging with people and believes in the power of social media to learn and bring the knowledge of blockchain technology to everyone!